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Student Showcase

We are excited to announce that applications for our 2023 Student Showcase "Mythos" is now open. Our student showcase is a popular nine week series that concludes with a public performance on December 9th & 10th at our studio. Mythos will delve into the mysterious realm of mythology and lore. From tales of Greek gods and goddesses to stories of ancient heroes and heroines. 

Showcase Enrollment Includes:

9 Guided Rehearsals

Group 2-hour rehearsal each week to help students create their acts. 

Professional Media

Each student will receive professional video and a set of photos from their act.

Training Time

Showcase memberships include free open gyms and discounted private lessons.

Application Requirements

Applicants should be interested in learning how to perform or interested in improving their performance quality. Must be a level 1 or above student based on our curriculum and able to be in the air for 3-4 minutes. We accept up to 2 acts in each discipline. It's recommended that you have two act options available when you apply in case your apparatus/discipline is no longer available. Once accepted, students will need to pay our $295 enrollment fee which covers coaching, photos, videography, guest instructors, and production. This fee is per person despite group or duo acts. If you are interested in two acts, your second act option will only be considered if there is no room after all other applicants have applied. Additional costume, prop, and hair/make up fees may apply. 


Rehearsal Schedule:
October 1st 5pm - 7pm

October 8th 5pm - 7pm

October 15th 5pm - 7pm

October 22nd 5pm - 7pm

October 29th 5pm - 7pm

November 5th 5pm - 7pm

November 12th 5pm - 7pm

November 19th 5pm - 8pm

December 3rd 5pm - 8pm
December 9th & 10th - Show Days

Apply Here

Thanks for applying!
We’ll get back to you soon.

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